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Small Beers

A small beer (also known as Table beer or Small ale), is a classical low abv beer style. Believe it or not there’s a popular belief that small beers were drunk more than water in mediaeval times! Its heritage can be found in most classic literature, including Shakespeare. So…. to beer, or not to beer? (yes that's awful).

With its lower alcohol content, the small beer is perfect for enjoying over long sessions, without the risk of grogginess. As its alternate name “Table beer” suggests, it’s also the ideal companion for an evening meal. There’s no compromising on flavour, you can still find all of your favourite beer styles, each perfectly crafted and delightfully refreshing.

So if you’d like a little taste of history, or if that glass of water isn’t quite cutting it. Add some small beer cans to your next Tap Door craft beer box and enjoy!


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