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Our Best Craft Beers (By Rating)

These are the best craft beers on Tap Door, where craft beer enthusiasts shape the narrative. Refreshed weekly, this dynamic list pays tribute to the top 50 best beers in our collection, as rated by our users.

It's not merely a list; it's a testament to the wide-ranging diversity, ingenious creativity, and masterful craftsmanship inherent in the craft beer industry. From the vibrant, hop-loaded Double IPAs to the velvety, complex Stouts, these are the best craft beers that continue to impress and inspire.

Are you a fan of puckering Sours, or do you prefer the clean, refreshing allure of a perfectly brewed Lager? The top-rated craft beers list is a diverse gathering of top-tier brews that promise a unique and memorable drinking experience.

Whether you're embarking on a new flavour journey or revisiting timeless favourites, these brews stand as a testament to the boundless potential of craft beer. These are more than just drinks; they're stories in a glass, waiting to be savoured.

Remember, this list is shaped by your tastes and ratings, and it changes weekly. Your favourite might just break into the top 50 beers. So get tasting, get rating, and directly influence the ranking of these exemplary brews. Your craft beer journey starts here, at Tap Door.

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