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Pale Ales

Pale Ales boasts some of the most versatile flavours in the craft beer world. These amber-coloured nectars can achieve the perfect balance of malt and hops, making them the ideal gateway into the craft beer journey for those just starting, or for the more experienced drinker looking to discover new favourites.

The Pale Ale flavour depends on their particular sub-style, the classic American Pale Ale (APA, 4.5%-6.2% ABV) is floral, citrusy with pine notes and just the right amount of bitterness, making them the ideal BBQ companion. Whereas the modern Hazy Pale Ale (NEPA, 5%-7% ABV) has a much softer fruity sweet flavour that you could session very easily.

For a more intense taste, DDH Pale Ale (Double Dry Hopped, 4.5%-7% ABV) is more complex & bitter as a result of the unique brewing process, definitely one for those looking for an experience. Similarly, the West Coast Pale Ale (4.5%-6.5% ABV) also has a bitter profile, but with a maltier backbone and the citrusy pine flavour that's unique to American brewing.

Finally, for those looking for something refreshingly crisp to enjoy on summer afternoons, the Extra Pale Ale (XPA, 3.5%-5.5% ABV) is lighter and extremely sessionable, making it a must-have for a beach day (or the garden!). We could go on extensively, but the adventure is yours to have! Explore the best pale ales the UK and abroad have to offer by adding a few to your Tap Door craft beer box.

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