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Fruited Pale Ale

The Fruited Pale Ale (4.5%-6% ABV) has a robust malted body, that's complimented by the addition of fruits. The addition is determined by the creativity of the brewer and can range from tart and punchy berry flavours like raspberry, to the sweet and tropical like a passion fruit pale ale.

The fruity element helps to balance the natural Pale Ale bitterness, creating a drink that’s ideal for those looking to dip their toes into the world of craft beers, or for the conventional drinker looking for a twist on the much loved classic. Tiny Rebel’s “Pump Up The Jam’, packs sweet jammy strawberry flavours onto a doughnut noted malted base, creating a delicious flavour Homer Simpson would salivate endlessly for!

So if you’re craving an adventurous fruit twist to your beer experience, delve into our fantastic range of Fruited Pale Ales right here with a Tap Door craft beer selection box.


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