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Wheat Beers

Wheat beers (also known as “Weissbier” or “Weizen beer”) are known for their crisp and light-bodied distinctive yeast flavours. They typically have an ABV of around 4%-5% and are highly carbonated and clean, making them highly approachable for all craft drinkers, seeking refreshment on a sunny day.

They are traditionally German Beers such as Erdinger Weissbräu or Maisel’s Weisse, there are also the soured favourites, Berliner Weisse and Gose. However, some modern breweries have adapted the style, such as the delicious “Mango On Then” by Farmyard Brew Co, who have cleverly enhanced the original brewing technique with sweet yet subtly placed mango flavours.

What Is A Wheat Beer?

A top-fermented beer, brewed with a much larger amount of wheat than malted barley. This results in a 'hazy' unfiltered opacity and creamy mouth feel.

What Does a Wheat Beer Taste Like?

Wheat beers are defined by their base. The final flavour is up to the creativity of the brewer. All that’s guaranteed is that these brews will be crisp, refreshing and enjoyable for all levels of beer drinkers. Making this style is a firm favourite. You should definitely add a couple to your box!

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