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Our Picks

These are "Our Picks", a selection of brews that we at Tap Door simply can't get enough of. This curated list represents what we're currently pouring at home, showcasing an array of styles that tickle our beer-loving taste buds.

From the daringly hop-laden IPAs that deliver an unapologetic punch of flavour, to the beautifully balanced Stouts that swirl with notes of coffee and chocolate, these are the beers we find ourselves reaching for time and time again.

Perhaps you're in the mood for a tart, fruit-filled Sour, or maybe the subtly complex nuances of a Belgian Tripel are calling your name. Are you after the crisp, refreshing satisfaction of a well-made Pilsner? All these and more have found their way into ""Our Picks"" lineup, showing the depth and diversity of our beer preferences.

This isn't just a selection of our favourites; it's an invitation into our personal beer world. Take a sip from ""Our Picks"" and get to know the Tap Door team one beer at a time. Maybe you'll discover a new favourite or reaffirm your love for a classic.

Remember, ""Our Picks"" changes regularly as we continue to explore the vast, exciting world of craft beer. Join us on this thrilling beer journey, one delicious brew at a time.