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Low Alcohol Beers

For those who love trying new beers or want to pace themselves throughout the day without fears of the dreaded hangover, low alcohol beers are the perfect solution. These low abv beers are generally ranging from 0.6%-1.2% and come in all the much loved beer styles.

There’s no compromising on flavour, you’re still benefiting from all the love and care that goes into the brewing process, but with the extra added bonus of reducing your alcohol intake. They are also lower in calories which makes them perfect for enjoying during the evenings on a weekday when you’re looking for a treat to unwind with.

Low alcohol craft beers are the perfect companion for day drinking, you can seize the day and live in the moment without all the added fear of sending yourself off for an early night! For the responsible drinker, it also offers you a chance to enjoy a variety of low alcohol lagers and ales, whilst still staying level headed.

Whether you’re looking for a few cans to enjoy with dinner, or simply love the idea of being able to drink twice as much! Low-alcohol beers are the perfect addition to your Tap Door craft beer box.


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