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Alcohol Free Beers

Just because you don’t want any of the fuzziness associated with drinking, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a superbly crafted alcohol free beer. In modern craft, no & low styles have been widely adopted and brewed with the same levels of passion and quality you would expect from any traditional craft beer.

Due to the ingredients and brewing techniques used, alcohol free beers also have a much lower sugar or calorie content, making them the perfect alternative for the beer lover looking to make a few positive lifestyle changes, without sacrificing on socialising.

Non alcoholic craft beers still come in all the traditional styles. At Tap Door we’ve curated a delicious alcohol free beer selection, featuring beautifully crisp and refreshing non alcoholic lagers that you can enjoy guilt-free at any social gathering. Or alcohol free ales, that still pack all of the versatile flavours and aromas, for those who like to explore and still remain in the driving seat.

Even though the ABV reduces, alcohol free craft beers maintain the same genuineness as their counterparts. The non alcoholic IPA is still just as hop-forward and citrusy as the original. A no alcohol pale ale is still just as fruity and complex.

With 'Build a Box', you can craft your own alcohol free beer case or mix it up with ABV options. If you're unsure, our pre-chosen alcohol free beer gift sets are a fantastic choice. They're sure to make someone's day!

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