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Farmhouse Ales

Farmhouse Ales are unique, traditional Belgian beer styles that have been brewed for centuries. These beers have a distinctly earthy and spicy flavour profile with a dry finish, making them the perfect companion during those summer months. Today's Farmhouse Ales still continue with tradition by using specific yeast strains such as Brettanomyces, which help give these beers their signature flavour notes and aromas.

The Grisette (3.5%-4.5% ABV) is light, crisp and citrusy that packs a lot of flavour and refreshment into one can. The Bière de Garde (6.0%-8.5% ABV) a stronger, more malt-flavoured beer which typically involves a cellaring process that allows a complex earthy caramelised flavour. Whereas the Saison (3.5%-7.0% ABV) is known for being highly carbonated with a fruity, spiced profile.

So if you're looking for something interesting, yet light and flavourful or robust and moreish, Farmhouse Ales can tick all of these boxes. So why not take the opportunity now to try some truly remarkable brews in a mixed craft beer case on Tap Door!


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