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Red Ales

Red Ales (ABV’s 4.5%-6%) are known for their toasted caramel flavours and subtle fruit notes that are balanced by an earthy hoppiness. This is a versatile beer style, the finish depends largely on the brewing process, some lean towards lightly hopped beers, whereas others may prefer a heavy hop forward approach.

The Red Ale has a distinctive striking reddish-brown hue that lures the drinker in for another sip, the comforting malt flavours are ideal for a colder evening or with a hearty meal.
Although they originated as an Irish beer (The Irish Red Ale), they have been adopted globally, particularly in the US.

Tiny Rebel’s “Cwtch” Welsh red ale is lovingly produced ‘hug’ of flavour, that comforts the drinker with sweet toffee and fresh citrus flavours, with a striking red hue it’s a perfect example of everything the Red Ale has to offer. Interested? Then add a few of these striking Red Ale beers to your Tap Door craft beer box and enjoy!


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