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Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel

Newport, wales

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Award-winning craft brewery based in Newport, Wales. Combining imagination and sensory-defying beers to deliver good times. Championing Welsh brewing with a focus on community and sustainability.

Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel, an award-winning brewery based in Newport, South Wales, was founded on a mission to bring good times with a hint of beer. Established by two beer enthusiasts who were eager to create beers that capture the imagination and defy the senses, Tiny Rebel has grown significantly since its inception in 2012.

From humble beginnings in a garage, the brewery now boasts a bespoke facility and a dedicated fan base, all while staying true to its roots as a rebellious, innovative, and passionate craft brewery. Tiny Rebel's achievements include being the youngest and only Welsh brewery to win Champion Beer of Britain and the only brewery to have won gold, silver, and bronze in the Champion Beer of Wales competition. Furthermore, Tiny Rebel was awarded the SIBA Brewery Business of the Year and International Beer Challenge UK Brewer of the Year in 2016.

Committed to brewing exceptional beers that stand out in the market, Tiny Rebel combines traditional brewing techniques with unique ingredients and exciting flavour combinations. The brewery's diverse range of offerings includes the easy-drinking Neck Oil, the popular Gamma Ray, and many more.

Beyond crafting innovative beers, Tiny Rebel focuses on improving its impact on its people, community, and planet. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and a dedication to their roots in South Wales, Tiny Rebel aims to inspire a sense of camaraderie and togetherness among beer lovers. As the brewery continues to expand, they remain committed to their mission and the pursuit of super tasty beer, showing no signs of slowing down.

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