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Porter Beers

A can of Porter is the perfect way to add sweet and malty complexity to any evening. Porter beers are dark with a focus on malt flavours, often chocolate and caramel impressions that make them truly unique, these styles are more frequently referred to as either a Chocolate Porter or Coffee Porter. This beer typically has an ABV between 4%-6% but some baltics can push the 10% mark.

Popular brewers include Põhjala Brewery, who are renowned for their craftsmanship of robust and strong dark flavours. Tiny Rebel takes a different approach on Porters, leaning into sweeter innovative flavours to create a balanced profile.

Their flavour signature is distinctive - think hints of toffee, roasty undertones, and just enough bitterness to achieve a rounded finish. Whether you’re searching for these new waves of flavours, or a real classic like a Baltic Porter or an American Porter, you'll find all these favourites on Tap Door, add a selection of these beauties to your craft beer box!

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