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Põhjala Brewery

Põhjala Brewery

Harju County, Estonia

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Innovative Estonian brewery inspired by heritage and local nature. Unique twists on classic beer styles with surprising ingredients and barrel ageing.

Põhjala Brewery

Põhjala Brewery, based in Tallinn, Estonia, is a creative and innovative brewery that crafts beers inspired by their rich heritage, local nature, and cuisine. They take well-known beer styles and add their own distinctive twist using surprising ingredients or extended barrel ageing processes.

At Põhjala Brewery, they are passionate about pushing the boundaries of beer while maintaining a strong connection to their Estonian roots. Their diverse range of brews showcases not only their commitment to quality, but also their desire to experiment and redefine what beer can be. Põhjala's beers often incorporate unique local ingredients or are aged in carefully selected barrels, resulting in brews that are truly one-of-a-kind.

When you choose Põhjala Brewery's beers on Tap Door, you'll embark on a journey through Estonian culture, nature, and flavour. Discover the exceptional and imaginative world of Põhjala Brewery, where tradition and innovation come together in perfect harmony.

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