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Vault City Brewing

Vault City Brewing

Midlothian, Scotland

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Vault City Brewing create Modern Sour Beer with a focus on fruit forward flavours, in the heart of Scotland at Portobello, Edinburgh.

Vault City Brewing

Based in Portobello Edinburgh, Vault City Brewing is Scotland’s largest producer of sour beers. Despite only being founded in 2018, they have revolutionised the sour beer industry in the UK and are quickly becoming a household brand.

Their style involves combining the classical sour beer style with an infusion of familiar and beloved desserts, cocktails and fruit flavours. Their Irn Bru sour was passionately Scottish and immensely popular, with beer lovers flocking to get their hands on this bold flavoured tangy brew.

With a clear focus on natural fruit infusions, the creative flair demonstrated in Vault City Brewing’s fruit sour beers has been converting both the traditional beer drinker and the non-beer drinker into dedicated fans.

Join the Vault City Brewing sour beer revolution by adding a few of these heavily fruited, relentlessly creative and delicious beers to a mixed craft beer case, then sit back and enjoy!

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