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Fruit Sour Beers

A Fruit Sour beer offers the best of both worlds, the tartness of a Sour balanced with the sweet and aromatic infusion created by adding natural fruit to sour beer. This develops an intriguing taste that appeals to both beer enthusiasts and those who don’t typically enjoy beer.

The ABV typically ranges from 4.5%-7% depending on the base and what fruit is added. This opens the door for creativity, we’ve seen master brewers such as Vault City Brewing and Lervig Brewery carry the fruit sour beer to popularity with their invention and craftsmanship over recent years.

A fruit sour beer truly is unique and should definitely appeal to those who are looking to experience something new, without having to overcommit to anything overly acidic or leftfield. Many of the best fruit sour beers on Tap Door are made using much-loved household favourites such as Strawberries, Apples and Pineapples, so if you’re a fan of those be sure to add a few to your craft beer box.

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