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Barley Wine

Barley Wine is a strong ale with a rich history and a robust flavour profile, originating in England. It is named "wine" due to its high ABV, which is comparable to wine, generally ranging from 8% to 12% ABV or more.

Barley Wine has complex layers of malt flavours and a powerful hop presence, this is one beer that's suitable for ageing. Expect deep malt flavours ranging from caramel, and molasses to dark fruits such as prunes and figs.

The colour ranges from a deep amber to a dark brown. They generally have a moderate to low carbonation with a thick creamy head that dissipates quickly.

Barley Wine has a full velvety body with a rich and sweet mouthfeel that lingers. Balanced by hop bitterness and alcohol warmth, this is both a complex and hearty beer.


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