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East Coast Pale Ale

The East Coast Pale Ale is characterised by it’s sweet and juicy fruit-forward profile, balanced with a smooth malt backbone and hazy appearance. With an ABV typically between 4.5% to 6%, this beer is for those who are looking for some sweet relief from the natural ale bitterness. If you are more inclined to bitter flavours check out its cousin the West Coast Pale Ale.

Typically this is an American Beer style, so you can expect subtle pine notes along with the strong exotic fruit flavours. But like all beer styles there have been fantastic adaptations from around the world such as “Ocean Road” by Põhjala Brewery. This Australian East Coast Pale Ale leans into New World hops to create a mild and tropical fruit flavour that's incredibly moreish!

So whether you’re already an avid Pale ale lover looking for an exciting full flavoured twist, or just starting out on your craft beer journey. The East Coast Pale Ale offers an approachable delightful experience that's welcoming to all. Discover your new favourite beer, right here on Tap Door with your next craft beer selection box.


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