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West Coast Pale Ale

West Coast Pale Ales are known for their robust hop flavours with citrus notes, showcasing the floral piney aromas typically associated with American beers. With an ABV between 4.5% to 6% and a crisp dry finish that leans towards bitter, these craft beers are perfect for a BBQ or a hot summer's day. For those seeking something sweeter try its cousin the East Coast Pale Ale.

Despite it’s American origins there have been several fantastic adaptations outside of the states, such as Magic Rock Brewing’s “High Wire” West Coast pale ale which expertly balances out the natural bitterness with the sweet flavours of Mango and Lychee.

This crisp and naturally refreshing ale is welcoming to all levels of beer drinkers, so why wait? Dive in and explore the vibrant world of West Coast Pale Ales, and discover your next favourite beer, right here in your Tap Door craft beer box!


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