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DDH Pale Ale

The DDH Pale Ale (Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale), is a craft beer style famous for it’s vibrant extra hoppy character and complex flavours. ABV can vary from 4.5%-7% depending on the brewery.

Full Circle Brew Co’s “Rotator” is a stunning example of what A Double Dry Hopped Pale ale can achieve. An explosion of bold flavour that instantly refreshes the drinker with a striking balance of sweet and bitter flavours that dance on the palate.

What Does A DDH Pale Ale Mean?

The "DDH" stands for Double Dry Hopped. Indicating that the beer has been dry-hopped twice during the fermentation. This unique brewing approach enhances the aromas and flavour profile, without increasing the bitterness.

What Does A DDH Pale Ale Taste Like?

These DDH Pale Ales often exhibit strong layered notes of tropical flavour and citrus on a malt backbone, that provides a stunning balance against the natural ale bitterness, making them pleasantly drinkable and immensely refreshing for any hop enthusiasts or newbies.

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