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Introducing the NEPA (New England Pale Ale). This flavour-packed beer style is most recognisable for it’s distinctly cloudy appearance, this is why it’s also known fondly as a Hazy Pale Ale. NEPA beers have a light body but a strong and juicy tropical fruit flavour kick. It generally has an ABV range of 4-6% so you can enjoy a few of these in a session.

Unlike its cousin the West Coast Pale Ale, this style leans into sweet fruit flavours to balance the ale bitterness. Cloudwater Brew Co are one of the most renowned and innovative brewers of this particular style, but there are several other breweries also crafting an exceptional NEPA.

It’s lack of bitterness, creamy mouthfeel & innovative tastebud-slapping sweet fruit flavours make this style a hands-down Tap Door favourite! So why not add a NEPA beer to your next craft beer box?


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