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Session Pale Ale

A Session Pale Ale (or Light Pale Ale) is a session beer designed to be a lighter, more easy to drink variation of the traditional pale. Typically they will have a lower ABV (2.7%-5%) which will allow the drinker to be more of them over a long sitting without feeling too fuzzy, however there is no sacrifice on flavour, making them beloved by both the casual drinkers and experienced beer lovers across the globe.

Session Pale Ales often showcase a striking balance of sweet malt and hops, featuring citrus and floral undertones, these are delicate crisp beers with a colour ranging from gold to light amber. One standout example of this craft in the wild is Wiper and True’s “Small Beer”, which offers the drinker full-bodied hop and vibrant citrus flavours that refresh and delight equally with each sip

If you’re looking for something that provides pure flavour without heaviness, the Session Pale Ale does exactly that. Ideal for winding down or enjoying a long session with friends. Find your next session buddy right here and build your perfect craft beer case on Tap Door.

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