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English Pale Ale

An English Pale Ale (EPA) is an English beer style that typically has an ABV of 4.5% to 5.5%. These beers are known for their perfect balance of malt and hops, with distinctive earthy floral aromas developed from the usage of traditional English hops.

With a colour ranging from amber to copper, the English Pale Ale has a caramel-like sweet edge that counterbalances the natural bitterness expertly, making this a fantastic beer an all-rounder that can be enjoyed at any occasion!

Anspach & Hobday produce a striking English Pale known as the “Bermondsey”. Showcasing the best of English hops, this beer has a smooth and crisp finish with citrus undertones that provide deep refreshment with every sip. Ready to dive in? Add a few of the best English Pale Ales Tap Door has to offer to your next craft beer box!


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