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Golden Ale

The Golden Ale (Not to be confused with the Belgian Style Golden), is a summer blonde and honey sweet Pale Ale. As the name suggests these beers are renowned for their striking vibrant golden colour (also known as a ‘Blonde Ale’) and light fruity crispness, that blends perfectly with the summer weather (if you can catch it!) and have an ABV of 4.5%-5.5%.

The most notorious of all the golden’s is the “Big Wave” Golden Ale by Kona Brewing Company. This absolutely stunning, highly refreshing and easy to drink can of ‘Liquid Aloha’ has stolen the hearts of craft beer lovers across the globe, transporting them to beaches of Hawaii with it’s light tropical fruit notes and crisp freshness.

The light and crisp sweet fruity flavour profile of these striking Blonde Ales makes them very approachable and easy to drink for any beer lover, it’s one of the qualities that have made them a British pub staple. So why not join us at Tap Door in raising a glass to these delicious Golden Ale beers, by adding a few to your next craft beer box!


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