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American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale (APA beer) is a delicious, refreshing and well-balanced American beer style. Inspired by its counterpart from across the pond the English Pale Ale, what originally set these two styles apart was American Pale Ale's usage of indigenous hops which created a much more piney citrus flavour. Since then it’s risen to be one of the most popular beer styles in America, brought to notoriety by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

Boasting a medium-bodied and moderately malted backbone, the American Pale Ale provides a slightly less bitter flavour than the American IPA and Lower ABV (3.8%-5.5%), making it a perfect entry point for any new craft beer drinker. Its refreshing and palette-cleansing flavour makes it the ideal companion for a spicy meal or BBQ.

This versatile craft beer is one of the most popular styles here at Tap Door, so why not add a few cans of our best American Pale ales to your craft beer box!

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