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XPA (Extra Pale Ale)

XPA (Extra Pale Ales) have a pronounced hop flavour, with floral and citrus fruit notes. The maltiness is often subtle, letting the hops shine through and leaving a crisp finish. XPA beers are also lighter in colour than the typical Pale Ale.

The ABV is usually around 4.5%-5.5%, making them the ideal companions for outdoor gatherings on a sunny day (sunshine not included). “Lightbulb” extra pale ale by Verdant Brewing Co is one of the more commonly known beers of this style, offering a vibrant hop and approachable flavour. Bullhouse Brew Co’s playful “Road Trippin” is crisp and utterly refreshing, making it a prime example of the XPA beer style.

Ultimately there’s not a lot to dislike about Extra Pale Ales, they offer a slightly more refreshing approach to the typical Pale Ale that appeals to all beer drinkers. If you’re having any difficulty filling your craft beer selection box, you can’t go wrong with adding in some of the best XPA's available, found on Tap Door.


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