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Verdant Brewing Co

Verdant Brewing Co

Cornwall, England

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Cornwall-based craft brewery specialising in hop-forward beers. Pioneering hazy Pales, IPAs, and DIPAs while focusing on ethics, sustainability, and quality.

Verdant Brewing Company

Verdant Brewing Co needs no introduction for those familiar with craft beers, but for those unfamiliar here’s a brief run through of this pioneering brewer based in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Incepted in 2014 by keen homebrewers James Heffron and Adam Robertson, the vision for Verdant Brewery initially came from the desire to have exceptional hop-forward beers sourceable locally (If you can’t buy it, build it!). Since then they have acquired a team of 30 like-minded beer passionate individuals to take the Verdant vision forward, winning a shed load of accolades along the way.

Although their curious nature has caused them to dabble very successfully with other styles, they are most synonymous with their mastery of pale ales.

Verdant’s “Lightbulb” extra pale ale offers a vibrant fruity hop flavor, that's extremely addictive and is a must have in the summer toolbelt. Equally delicious, Verdant’s “Headband” brings a clean crisp finish supported by citrus and white stone fruit notes, intensely satisfying!

Verdant Brewery stands out, not just for their excellent beer, but for their relentless commitment to ethical, sustainable practices. Their passion and care is evident in every sip, so get some of their finest beers added to your Tap Door craft beer box immediately!

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