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Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

Greater London, England

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Championing diversity with internationally award-winning, low-alcohol beers. Join Sheep in Wolf's Clothing in their mission for inclusivity. #WeGiveAFlock


Based in the vibrant heart of London, Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing is more than just a brewery - it's a movement. Driven by the passion to dismantle invisible barriers in society, this innovative brewery crafts internationally acclaimed beers that pack a punch of flavour with less alcohol. Their unique approach is not just about brewing; it's about bringing people together and making a statement.

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing stands for diversity and inclusion, celebrating real people and their stories. With the ambitious goal to open the UK's most accessible pub, they are not just in the business of brewing - they're rewriting the rules.

Each of their award-winning beer carries a message of unity and change. As you savour their expertly crafted brews, you're not just enjoying a drink – you're becoming part of a community that values diversity and champions equal opportunities for all.

Support Sheep in Wolf's Clothing in their quest to make a difference. By choosing their beer, you're backing a cause that matters. Every sip is a step towards a more inclusive world. #WeGiveAFlock

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