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Short Dated Beer

Out-of-date or short-dated beers are still perfectly safe to drink, the expiry date best reflects the period after brewing that the brewer feels the beer is at its tastiest. So this selection of bargain beers still offers a delicious treat for a fraction of the price, perfect for the savvy shopper!

Even though these are cheaper craft beers, it’s still filled with all the varieties and styles you can find on Tap Door. Part of our ethos of wanting to provide you with the widest selection of beers possible means that occasionally we will have beers that have been stocked for longer periods

Having out-of-date beers for sale, allows us to reduce waste and provide you with fantastic offers on cheap beers, so it's a win-win! Note that we will not be able to accept refunds or returns on these beers, but if you are unsatisfied please reach out to us.

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