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Black IPA

Black IPA (also known as Cascadian Dark Ale), is known for its intriguing balance of pronounced hop, with the roasted elements of dark beer. Expect the usual robust hop of an IPA with all of the floral and citrus notes. However, with the Black IPA you'll also uncover flavours of the dark malt, such as coffee, chocolate and toast.

This complex beer is designed to harmonize the bitterness of the hops with roasted malts, creating a unique layered tasting experience. As the name would suggest they are dark, similar to what you may expect from a stout or porter. However, the flavour profile and experience are distinctly different.

The Black IPA has a medium to full body, with a slight dryness balanced by the bitter hop. The carbonation helps to lift the dark flavours, creating a truly unique experience. This should pique the interest of stout and porter fans looking for something new


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