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Double IPA

The Double IPA (DIPA or Imperial IPA) is beer for those looking for something complex with a crisp and bitter finish. With an ABV between 7.5-10%, these beers are best savoured slowly and are ideal for a big celebration. If you love everything about the IPA flavour, these may be the perfect for you as they quite literally aim to “double” the flavour characteristics of the original.

These DIPA beers pack an explosion of floral citrusy hops, obliterating any hint of parchedness. Although the Double IPA originated in the US, it has become popular around the world and has many adaptations such as Omnipollo’s “Fatamorgana”. The alluringly cloudy and crisp beer boasts a very piney and citrus infused tangy flavour that excites the palette ever more with each sip.

So if you want to take the next step on your craft beer journey, try the complex and powerful flavours of the Double IPA by adding a few to your Tap Door craft beer selection box.

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