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Premium Lager

Premium Lagers are known for their crisp and clean well balanced flavour. They offer more complexity than the traditional lager, often with a stronger malt and hop presence. However they’re still just as easy to drink as the conventional lager, so they’re perfect if you’re a lager fan looking to expand your horizons ever so slightly.

With ABV’s typically between 4.5%-5.5% these are highly sessionable beers and ideal for all drinking occasions, particularly those when you’re seeking a crisp satisfying refreshment. As the name suggests, these lagers have been expertly crafted by A Premium Lager brand.

One outstanding example is Newbarns breweries “Super Gold”, which has been brewed with an extra pale malt and a healthy selection of cereals to create a supreme rustic, hop fop pronounced flavour. Add a touch of sophistication to your craft beer case by featuring a few of the best Premium Lagers Tap Door has to offer.


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