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Chocolate Stouts

A Chocolate Stout combines the rich, dark flavours of Stout and the indulgent and sweet familiar notes of chocolate or cacao. The ABV is at the brewer's discretion and can be anywhere from 5% to 10+% so be sure to check before adding to your box, as these beers can vary from being a delicious causal treat to an experience for hardened beer drinkers.

The Flavour profile of a Chocolate stout typically showcases roasted malt flavours that are complemented beautifully by cocoa or chocolate flavours, some brewers take this a step further with the inclusion of actual chocolate.

So for those sweet-toothed beer drinkers looking for a glass of liquid dessert, unwrap the indulgence of a Chocolate Stout with us on Tap Door by adding a few of these to your craft beer box.


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