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Coffee Stouts

The Coffee Stout is known for being a rich dark beer that encompasses all the qualities of the stout style with the warm invigorating essence of coffee. The ABV can range from 5.5%-8%, so these are the perfect replacement for post-dinner coffee or unwinding in front of the TV on a cold winter evening.

The natural malt sweetness of the Stout style is a match made in heaven for the bitter roasted coffee notes, these are well-rounded and full-bodied complex drinks that need to be experienced to believe! One exceptional Coffee stout is Farm Yard Brew Co’s “Hoof”, the roasted coffee and chocolate notes are perfectly rounded off with a sweet finish of lactose, creating a dessertish treat that has to be savoured.

A Coffee Stout is an excellent choice for coffee lovers who need more beer in their lives (or visa-versa). Wake your taste buds to this deliciously dark well-balanced treat today by adding a few to your Tap Door custom beer box.

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