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Build The Perfect Craft Beer Box With Tap Door

Craft Beers are constantly evolving. It’s impossible to keep up with the latest styles and releases. Every year brewers come up with delicious new beers you would love to try. But how could you ever keep up to date? Or with all these hundreds of beers, how would you ever know which ones are for you? Well, you’re in luck!

Tap Door is here to guide you through your craft beer journey. We'll help you discover your new favourite beers and styles. Our ‘Build A Box’ lets you mix and match from our diverse range of beers curated by experts. Start creating ‘your’ very own craft beer box today.

A New Way To Buy Craft Beer Online

If you're new to beer or already have the knowledge, but are willing to expand your selections. Our beer styles pages will help guide you through. They explain the differences and unique qualities of each specific style.

Looking for some recommendations or craft beer gift set ideas? A pre-built craft beer set will help to ensure you have the finest selections from our range. Without having to spend too much time getting into the finer details. Find your perfect beer match.



How Does The Craft Beer Box Builder Work?

Our craft beer box tool allows you to choose from 8-12 cans with free delivery over £59.95. There are no limitations on what cans or styles you can choose, so it's perfect for building a craft beer mixed case.

We are not a mandatory subscription business. We do not believe in forcing you to buy “dud” beers. Buy only the beers you want, when you want them!

Already know which beers you like? Want to try a couple of new ones? Are you feeling adventurous and want a craft beer set of exotic styles you've never heard of? We can handle that!

The Tap Door Team

We Help Discover The Best Craft Beers For You

We’ve spent over 15,00 hours looking for the best craft beers. We source from independent breweries. You can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your sales support independent businesses. We’re always expanding our range to feature new and exciting drinks.

Our beers are ‘crafted’, they have had countless hours of love and care placed into their brewing. Brewers make them with the highest level of quality ingredients and ingenuity. You are unlikely to find this level of quality at your local supermarket.

Catering for all palettes we have a diverse selection of flavours available. If you have any dietary needs, it's easy to avoid any ingredients you wish to steer clear of. Build your craft beer set to suit your taste, it's all about what you enjoy best!

For those who generally know what ABV they prefer, we have a diverse range of no-low alcohol options. Choose a sessionable selection of ales and lagers to enjoy with friends, or to unwind with after a long day. Want to make sure your craft beer packs a punch? We also have a large collection of high-ABV beers, best sipped slow on a cold night.

Nothing But The Best For Your Craft Beer Delivery

Whether this box is for you or as a gift for the craft beer fan in your life. We know it’s vital that your delivery arrives quickly and safely. We have designed our packing to keep your precious cargo secure.

We use DHL and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. See our delivery and returns page for more info.

Get started on your craft beer adventure.


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