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Beak Brewery

Beak Brewery

Sussex, England

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Lewes-based craft brewery known for hop-forward IPAs and mixed-fermentation beers, featuring local South Downs ingredients.



Beak Brewery

Beak Brewery, situated in the picturesque town of Lewes, England, is a renowned craft brewery that began as a nomadic venture by food and drink writer Daniel Tapper. After spending years refining his recipes alongside friends at some of the UK's most respected breweries, including North Brew Co, Burning Sky, and Northern Monk, Tapper eventually settled down in Lewes, where the brewery now boasts an award-winning taproom and street-food canteen.

Beak Brewery is best known for its hop-forward IPAs that showcase a perfect balance of flavours and aromas, but the brewery's repertoire doesn't stop there. Beak has also developed a small yet thriving mixed-fermentation project, featuring seasonal ingredients sourced from the surrounding South Downs National Park. This dedication to local produce and the use of traditional and innovative brewing techniques has earned Beak Brewery a loyal following among craft beer enthusiasts.

As a testament to its roots in collaboration and camaraderie, Beak Brewery continues to maintain strong ties with fellow breweries, often participating in collaborations and joint projects to create unique and memorable brews. With a focus on quality, creativity, and community, Beak Brewery consistently delivers exceptional beers that are sure to delight the palates of discerning drinkers.

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