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Brew Toon

Brew Toon

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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Bold, adventurous craft beers from Peterhead, Scotland, brewing since 2017 with a focus on local ingredients and historic craftsmanship



Founded in 2017, Brew Toon stands at the easternmost point of mainland Scotland, in the nautical town of Peterhead. This brewery prides itself on its small-batch production process, delivering craft beers rich in flavour and character. Embracing the town's nautical heritage and the site's historical significance, once home to Hunter & Sons - Tanfield Brewery, Brew Toon infuses its brewing practices with both tradition and innovation. With a dedication to using locally sourced ingredients, Brew Toon emphasises the provenance of its beers, ensuring each sip carries the essence of Scotland. This commitment to local sourcing not only enhances the quality and taste of their beer but also supports the community and environment. Their range of beers is a testament to their passion for bold and adventurous brewing, a characteristic that sets them apart in the craft beer scene. The brewery's deep-rooted connection to Peterhead's history is reflected in its approach to brewing, blending timeless techniques with modern twists. Brew Toon's location, enveloped in maritime legacy, adds a unique dimension to its identity, making its beers not just beverages, but storytellers of the town's past and present. Each bottle from Brew Toon is more than just a drink; it's a craft imbued with the spirit of Scottish heritage, a dedication to quality, and a celebration of artisanal brewing.

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