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Midlothian, Scotland

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Edinburgh's trailblazer in alcohol-free craft beer, blending innovative brewing with eye-catching design since 2019.

Brulo, based in Edinburgh, emerged in 2019 under the guidance of founder James Brown. Born from a quest to create superior, hop-forward, alcohol-free craft beer, Brulo has quickly established itself as a microbrewery of distinction. At its core is a commitment to producing beers that resonate with the team's passion for taste, quality, and creativity. This independent brewery thrives on its freedom to innovate, constantly exploring new horizons in the realm of non-alcoholic beer. Brulo's repertoire is a testament to this ethos, with a diverse array of unique offerings released each year. From their Single Hop and Double Dry Hop Series to an array of exciting collaborations, Brulo is at the forefront of redefining the alcohol-free beer experience. A significant aspect of Brulo's identity is its emphasis on design. This is evident in their collaboration with designer James Ockelford, who drew inspiration from 1960s Japanese poster art to create Brulo's distinctive eye icon. Symbolizing a state of full awakening and presence, the eye not only distinguishes Brulo's branding but also resonates with the modernist spirit of looking forward and embracing the future. Since its inception, Brulo has not only expanded its product line but also its reach. The brewery's dedication to crafting high-quality alcohol-free beers has garnered widespread acclaim. As the demand for quality alcohol-free beers rises, Brulo continues to grow, both in team strength and in the variety of its offerings. The brewery stands as a beacon in the world of non-alcoholic craft beer, championing innovation, education, and boundary-pushing brewing. With an exciting journey ahead, Brulo is more than ready to continue making waves in this brave new world.

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