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Cloudwater Brewery

Cloudwater Brewery

Greater Manchester, England

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A world class brewery based in Manchester, dedicated to modern beer.

Cloudwater Brewery Manchester

Founded in 2014, Cloudwater Brewery is a future-forward thinking brewery, who are dedicated to helping develop the craft beer industry with ethical and community centred practices.

Their pursuit for knowledge is relentless, Cloudwater’s beer styles cover the old and new, classical and imagined, constantly honing their craft in the pursuit of higher quality beer. With a keen focus on sustainability, Cloudwater has several seasonal beers and being truly submerged in the industry, also enjoy collaborating with their peers.

Whilst they have the diversity and skill to dip into any style, they have a notable range of crisp and refreshing Pale Ales, each masterfully brewed and respecting the techniques of the sub-style (Hazy,DDH,West Coast).

CloudWater Brew Co is an exemplary example of what a brewer can and should be doing. A painstaking approach to the development of their own skill, whilst also focusing on the bigger picture of sustainability and community. The best way to get the true CloudWater experience is to add some of their diverse ranges to a mixed craft beer case and enjoy the sheer bliss and refinement of each sip!

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