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Gritchie Brewing Company

Gritchie Brewing Company

Wiltshire, England

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Small independent brewery owned by Guy Ritchie, using natural resources to create a taste of Britishness

Gritchie Brewing Company based in Wiltshire was founded and owned by Guy Ritchie. The brewery team make a core range of both classic & contemporary ales and lagers. A unique craft brewery that reveres traditions and yet is a contemporary brand. It's core range is is inspired by English Folklore and the celestial, each beer classified by different types of 'lore'. Styles from Gritchie Brewing Company include a classic cask conditioned ale called 'English Lore', with caramel, honey and marmalade characteristics, and contemporary styles for the 'curious', including a golden grape ale, 'Brewers Lore No.6 - White' using 3 different grape varieties sourced from Breezy Ridge Vineyard in Dorset. Angel's Lore was awarded Silver in the SIBA South West Digital Beer Awards 2020.

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