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Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant

Somerset, England

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A community-owned Bristol brewery, mastering diverse styles with creativity and independence since 2014.

Left Handed Giant

A name now synonymous with the vibrant brewing scene in Bristol, started its journey in 2014. When Rich Poole handed his beer to Bruce Gray and Jack Granger at Small Bar in Bristol, little did they know it would be the inception of a remarkable brewing odyssey.

Beginning with a modest 200L kit behind Small Bar, Left Handed Giant quickly evolved into a renowned cuckoo brewery operation. By 2017, the team had established their own physical brewery, setting the stage for an even more ambitious venture.

In a resounding show of community support, over £1m was raised through Crowdcube, culminating in the creation of their brewpub in 2019. Overlooking Bristol’s floating harbour, this brewpub is not just a brewing site but the pulsating heart of Left Handed Giant.

Today, the brewery operates across two sites in Bristol, producing about 4000 HL of beer annually. Their diverse array of beer styles finds its way to enthusiasts through independent pubs, bars, bottle shops, and directly to customers at their Finzels Reach Brewpub, St Philips Tap Room, and the place where it all began, Small Bar.

A standout aspect of Left Handed Giant is their commitment to community and independence. The brewery is community-owned, with plans to execute an employee buy-out in the next three years. This move will make Left Handed Giant one of the few employee-owned breweries in the UK. Central to their ethos is the belief that creativity and independence are best nurtured by giving their team ownership and leadership roles.

This approach not only fosters innovation, but also cements Left Handed Giant's place as a trailblazer in the craft brewing industry, dedicated to producing exceptional beer for many years to come.

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