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Northern Monk

Northern Monk

Yorkshire, England

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Northern Monk is an independent brewery based in Leeds. Inspired by our northern surroundings, we commit ourselves to creating the highest quality beers.

Northern Monk

Established with a passion for creating the highest quality beers, Northern Monk combines time-honoured traditions with innovative techniques to produce a remarkable range of brews.

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage and landscape of Yorkshire, the brewery crafts beers that reflect the region's unique character. The talented team at Northern Monk is dedicated to perfecting each recipe, experimenting with bold flavours and textures to offer a diverse line-up that caters to all palates.

From their core range of classic ales to their innovative limited releases, Northern Monk Brewery consistently pushes the boundaries of brewing to create exceptional beers that embody their commitment to quality and innovation. With a focus on sustainability and community involvement, Northern Monk continues to be a driving force in the thriving craft beer scene in Yorkshire and beyond.

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