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Wookey Brewing Co

Wookey Brewing Co

Somerset, England

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Beneath the Mendip Hills, secret caverns and mysterious creatures exist. This is the home of Wookey Brewing Co. Crafting magical brews with unique ingredients

Wookey Brewing Co, based in Cheddar, Somerset, stands amidst the mystique of the Mendip Hills, drawing inspiration from the legends shrouding the local caverns. Established in 2020, Wookey Brewing Co is the product of Samuel's vision to offer the village of Wookey Hole a hoppy alternative to the insipid commercial beers saturating the UK market.

In pursuit of this goal, Samuel teamed up with a like-minded beer aficionado to bring his vision to fruition. Together, they crafted their flagship beer, 'Witch Way Home', a sessionable delight designed to please the palate without lingering bitterness.

The microbrewery has swiftly ascended in the craft beer realm, securing both gold and bronze accolades in 2022. Wookey Brewing Co's creations are now a staple in numerous outlets across the west country and southern England, testifying to their burgeoning reputation.

At the core of Wookey Brewing Co's operations lies a commitment to their customers, offering premium, supernatural, vegan-friendly ingredients. This steadfast ethos, coupled with their enchanting brews, propels Wookey Brewing Co towards sustained growth and ensures that every beer lover's journey with them is indeed, 'Witch Way Home'.

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