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Session IPA

A Session IPA is the perfect drink for those long, relaxed days when you want to keep your senses sharp. This light, easy-drinking brew is a part of the broader India Pale Ales category.

Perfect for any social gathering. Or when you want something delicious, that won’t derail your plans for the day. These beers generally have an ABV under 5% making them a part of the ever popular session beer family.

The session IPA is an extremely versatile style, you can expect to experience the trademarks of the India pale ale. From tropical, citrus or stone fruits driven by the dominance of American and New World Hops. To those that focus on toasted malt sweetness or juicy hazy session india pale ales. All of which will be suitably heavy hopped as the style demands.

The goal of the session IPA is to maximise the drinkability whilst still delivering a full experience. Alongside the reduced alcohol you can expect a lower bitterness, making this an approachable style for any beer drinker. If you’re a fan of the sweeter India pale ales we recommend trying a Fruited IPA.

So if you’re looking for the perfect companion to share a long sunny day with, we recommend adding a few of our best session IPA’s to your box.

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