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Fruited IPA

A Fruited IPA presents the traditional hop-forward intensity of an IPA, but cleverly leans into the natural sweetness of fruits. This provides a balance that's approachable for both those looking to start their journey into India Pale Ales, or for the adventurous beer lovers looking for a zingy twist on the much-loved classic! With an ABV of 5.5%-7.5%, these fruity beers are perfect to enjoy at any social event where you’re looking to unwind with a flavourful refreshing beer.

One popular entry into the archives of Fruited IPA is “bloody ell”, the blood orange IPA by Beavertown Brewery. This ‘spooky’ beverage leans into outrageously flavorful and zingy orange notes to perfectly counterbalance the ale bitterness, making each sip more exciting and refreshing than the last!

If you’re a beer enthusiast (or newbie) seeking a refreshing fruity twist on a classic, these juicy fruited IPA beers know very well what you are!

As you explore the wide world of IPAs, consider the varied experiences across the spectrum: from the lighter touch of Session India Pale Ale's that are perfect for those long, leisurely days, to the traditional depth found in West Coast IPA, which offer a robust exploration of the style’s roots.

Add good and plenty to your craft beer set right here on Tap Door and let the craft beer journey commence!


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