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West Coast IPA

The West Coast IPA has an assertive hop-forward character, with the defined notes of citrus and pine typically associated with American beers. With an ABV spanning from 6% to 7%, these bold beers offer a bold, crisp finish that leans towards the bitter side of the India Pale Ale spectrum, making them the perfect relief on a hot summer’s day. For those looking for something a little sweeter try a Fruited IPA, which leans into natural fruit sweetness.

Although this style originates in the US, the allure of the popular West Coast IPA is undeniable and has led to many adaptations from outside of the states. Garage Beer Co's "Santako" expertly enhances the citrus flavours and balances the natural bitterness with fruity notes of orange and peach.

Embrace the crisp boldness of this delicious India Pale Ale! The best West Coast IPA’s are only a click away from being in your Tap Door craft beer set.

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