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Garage Beer Co

Garage Beer Co

Catalonia, Spain

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Barcelona-based craft brewery. Combining Spanish flair with innovative brewing techniques for an exceptional beer experience.



Garage Beer Co

Garage Beer Co., located in the heart of vibrant Barcelona, Spain, is a trailblazing craft brewery that has been captivating beer enthusiasts since its establishment in 2015. Born from a vision to blend the vivacious energy of Barcelona with a passion for quality brewing, Garage Beer Co. has rapidly made its mark on the international craft beer scene.

Originally launched as a brewpub in the bustling Eixample neighbourhood, Garage Beer Co. quickly expanded its operation in 2017 with the opening of a larger, central brewing facility, while still maintaining its original location for its mixed fermentation beers. This two-pronged approach allows the brewery to maintain its connection to its roots while reaching a wider audience with its exceptional beer offerings.

Garage Beer Co. is renowned for its ability to craft an array of enticing beers that reflect the spirit of Barcelona - a city known for its fusion of tradition and innovation. The brewery's offerings encompass a wide range of styles, with a particular focus on fresh, bold, and flavourful beers that offer a unique drinking experience.

In addition to its diverse beer portfolio, Garage Beer Co. is also renowned for its welcoming hospitality. The team at Garage Beer Co. embraces everyone with open arms, inviting locals and tourists alike to enjoy the taste of their fresh beers in the warm and friendly atmosphere of their taprooms.

Always looking to push the boundaries of brewing, Garage Beer Co. remains committed to its ethos of innovation, quality, and community, serving as an icon of Barcelona's thriving craft beer scene. Whether it's through their traditional or experimental brews, Garage Beer Co. is a testament to the transformative power of craft beer, encapsulating the essence of Barcelona in every glass.

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