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Tropical IPA

A Tropical IPA is bursting with palette exciting sweet fruited flavours, think pineapple,mango, passion fruit and citrus. Their ABV’s generally range between 5.5%-7.5%, making them slightly stronger than your average beer but still enjoyable for most beer drinkers. The addition of juicy sweet flavours balance out the IPA bitterness, making them extremely moreish and perfect for enjoying in the garden on a sunny afternoon.

Tiny Rebel’s Tropical IPA “Clwb Tropica”, is the landmark beer for this style in the UK. It’s bursting with sweet pineapple,mango,peach and passion fruit flavour that packs a delicious punch with every sip.

So if you’re looking to elevate a lazy summer day or bring some much needed sunshine to a dull day, a Tropical IPA may be just the liquid vacation you need! Add a few of these to your craft beer box and let Tap Door whisk you away on a tropical adventure.


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