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Helles Lager

Helles lager is a traditional German beer style wth a refreshing mild and sweet flavour profile, that makes it approachable and uncomplicated. Helles lager ABV is generally between 4.7%- 5.4% this beer is perfect for any lager drinker looking to unwind after a long day.

Even though this is traditionally enjoyed in Germany, there has been a significant rise in adaptation of Helles lager in the UK over recent years. Buxton Brewery are highly regarded for their Helles which are skilfully created to be subtle and refreshing. Cloudwater Breweries creation is crisp and clean demonstrating their passion for the brewing process. Newbarns Brewery offers a more traditional styled Helles lager that is true to it’s origins with a well balanced finish.

For those looking to explore new beers but don’t want something that’s too bitter or too strong, this style is the perfect choice! Add some of our best Helles lagers when you build your own craft beer box and thank Tap Door later!


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