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International Pilsner

International Pilsners lean into regional influences to provide their own on subtle twists on the much loved classic the Pilsner. Due to the popularity of this lager style there are almost too many adaptations to name!

Typically they will have an ABV between 4.5%-5% and have a golden colour with a focus on delivering a crisp and clean refreshing finish, that consistently hits the spot for every occasion where a beer is required. “Roll” by Beak Brewery is a New Zealand Pilsner that leans into native ingredients to great a delicious lager that has gentle aromas of lemon, sourdough and a subtle note of evergreen spruce.

International Pilsners should really perk the ears of beer connoisseurs that are looking to expand on their horizons and add some cultural to their drinking. These well travelled lagers are a perfect new addition to your list of favourite beers, why not add a few to your next craft beer box on Tap Door?


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