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The Pilsner (or Pils beer) is one of the world's favourite lagers and provides a crisp and clean drinking experience perfect for any occasion that needs an easy-to-drink beer. With a pale appearance and a pronounced floral hop aroma, Pilsners are easily sessionable beers for any drinker. Although it originated in the Czech Republic, it’s influence has spread far across the globe and there are many International Pilsners.

The Original Czech Pilsner or Bohemian Pilsner (ABV 4.1%-5.1%) has a rich golden colour and a more pronounced sweet maltiness with a less hop focused finish. The Classic German Pilsner (ABV 4.4%-5.2%) has a light golden colour with a dry crisp finish of balanced earthy hops and slightly more bitter notes.

If you’re looking for a bolder beer the American Pilsner combines the crispness of lager with a stronger emphasis on the hop and malt profile, resulting in a slightly higher ABV of 4.5%-6%. Ready to dive in and explore the nuances of these world-renowned lagers? Embark on your Pilsner Journey right here and add these to your next Tap Door craft beer set.

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